for my English report I got manly got highs and  one medem so next term I hope I can get a high

in maths I got manly all highs and one medem I hope I can inprove

in food  I got all highs

in ilearn I got all highs

in litersy sorport I got all highs

in mucsie  I got two highs and three medems

in sicents I got manly all highs and one medem

in pe  I got two highs and three medems

I can get more rogenised

in sose I got many all highs but one I can do more

this post is going to be about cyber smart

1 the lock mans put your profile on privet

2 don’t add people you don’t know

3 shorch your name and your username for any website you use regerly

4 trine off your bluetuth when you are not using it

5 do not jone any inampote sites

6 don’t post any node pichers

7 don’t send any thing that it chiled ponofefy because you will be pot on the chiled pornfogey list for life

this tips are perents

spend time online with your kids

help your kids with chating online and be awer of stanger danger

set rues you need to set rules on what your kids can do on the internet


the amazing race

last week we did the amazing race we had to find things like the rock climbing wall

what was the hardest thing to find: the rainbow words

how was your teamwork: we worked really well

how well did you do: we did really well we go there before it finessed

some of the things we had to find

we had to find the flags in the   sl blinding